Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Twenty-First...

Number Twenty-One:

Chick-fil-A, Lunch, Chicken Sandwich

Pressed for time at work, we thought this was the best bet for fast food. It was, but the Fil-A-ers seemed a bit confused and short-staffed. Still, it didn't stop them from saying their mandatory response: "It was my pleasure." Really? Did it bring you joy at 7.25 an hour to hear that lady bitch at you that you got her order wrong and she wanted NO pickles on every other sandwich and not every other sandwich WITH pickles? Maybe the phrase "It was my pleasure" is a cult mantra they must say or be taken out back and MADE into chick-fil-a-parts?

And spelling Chick-fil-A the way they spell it is freaking nuts, by the way. Good sandwich though. I mean fried chicken on a bun with pickles? Aw yeah! But, the whole spelling thing...just saying...

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