Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Thirty-Ninth...

Number Thirty-Nine:

Mekong Restaurant, Lunch, Claypot Chicken

After last night's party, drinking plenty of tasty fancy pants beer, we had a lunch date with one of L.'s Girl Scout friends from WAY back who was visiting the States from Holland. "Doots" and I have become friends via Facebook, talking about our love of beer! Before she planned on coming to the States (she is originally from here), we worked out that she would bring me some beer from there and I would send her back with some in return. Travel regulation only allows less than 3 liters (or something nutty like that) so it REALLY limits us beer lovers! She chose two from what looks to be a great place called Brouwerij de Molen or Brewery the Mill in English. I gave her a bunch more, thinking she and her family would definitely partake of them while here, then take the rest home; A Legend Barleywine, A Sierra Nevada 30 Grand Cru and a few others. Doots had an entourage with her which was great: her husband, her two teenage children, and her sister and her sister's boyfriend (both local here in town). So, where do we take them for good food and a great beer selection? MEKONG!

We spent the afternoon there, eating, drinking and having a great time. Lien was even kind enough to give them two Mekong 15th Anniversary pint glasses to take back with them! I was hoping Doots would be up for a double Naptstache photo, being the perfect moment, but even BETTER, everyone at the table was up for the participation! YAY!


Great time and I look forward to maybe one day visiting Holland! :-)

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  1. we had SUCH a nice time! thanks for everything beer friend xoxo Doots