Thursday, December 30, 2010


Number Fifty:

Cafe Ole (Carytown), Lunch, Spinach Burrito

What once was probably a gas station, then a laundry mat, then briefly Ben & Jerry's now has a local place giving it a try; Cafe Ole. Their first location being downtown and the one that I used to meet fellow ThroTTle friends on my lunch hour when I worked at VCU. I was pretty excited to see this endeavor in Carytown, and I think a lot of people are happy to see it there too.

I met my pal M. for delicious burritos and Carytown havoc. Hitting the great places like Chop Suey, RCC, and Plan 9 where we both scored some cool records. Then Mongrel and some beers at New York Deli. I do missed the old NY Deli, the newer one is clearly marketed to the bar crowd and it does have a decent tap selection, but there was something charming about the old Jewish Deli that made great breakfast and sandwiches and had greater vibe. This one feels kind of like any other place with a lady two stools over from us who looked like she just came from the tanning salon and had a big fashionable purse. What the hell does someone with a purse that big KEEP in the damn thing? We speculated; nightie, lotions, poodles --unfathomable. Anyway, a great afternoon!



  1. Loving this pic, Phil! Awesome color combo - and probably my favorite 'stache photo so far.

    Oh, and I always assume that purses that big are used to carry the heads of Gorgons. NEVER peek inside of one or you will face certain death!

  2. Thanks Beth! Gorgons.... hmmm, that explains a LOT then!