Friday, December 17, 2010

The Thirty-Seventh...

Number Thirty-Seven:

Home, Tastebuds American Bistro, Takeout, Pizza

MMMmm! Great pizza in the Northside! Tastebuds is a subtle restaurant in the small business district of our neighborhood. Very humble storefront, it's a small place that grew from a catering joint a few doors down. Inside, it's chock full of great food; from pizza to a burger to a prix fixe menu (weekdays) to my go-to favorite when we are there; Sliced Sirloin with Blue Cheese Risotto, Haricot Vert & Smoked Tomato-Red Wine Sauce. It's an excellent family run place when you want to dress up a little more too.

L. was coming home from work and a frustrating store to store hunt for taper candles (no one hardly carries them anymore), so I ordered us up a pie for Jeopardy! Friday night parking in the small strip of a business district in the Northside can definitely be dodge-y. Alas I had no choice but to park in the Once Upon a Vine parking lot, where you better be a customer or get towed (so the sign says), a beer THEN pick up the pie a few doors down. Yeah, twist my arm to buy a beer! Ha!

It was a few moments after dinner when I noticed that L. had changed the magnet lettering we have on the back of one of our doors:


Ah, a nice Festivus greeting, for the rest of us! :-)

These little magnet letters bring great joy to the Fungalow (Fun + Bungalow) household. The phrase before this that had hung on since Memorial Day?

Le Clown Gumbo Awe


  1. Yes! Adding another family to my list of friends that celebrate Festivus! My fave non-denominational winter holiday!

  2. Taper candles can be found in abundance at Dollar Tree.