Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Forty-First...

Number Forty-One:

Mekong, Dinner Event, Winter Solstache

So how could I NOT go to this event? I believe it might be the second annual one, and there's a big trophy involved. The event requires a moustache for some good free beer; An's gift to the beer drinking community really, and very very awesome. There was also a contest involved for various best of styles. I did not enter, but I knew I had to do a special napstache. Why not use the leftover cocktail napkins from the house and bring 'em? E., R. and I went, saw more people there, just crazy fun with an excellent beer selection as usual. Our friend R. won the best Chevron category! ...which meant a really cool beer mug with Winter Solstache and a mock stache etching on it. Yeah!
This is me and my good pal An, solstachin' with the best of them!


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