Friday, December 24, 2010

The Forty-Fourth...

Number Forty-Four:

Yen Ching, Dinner, Family Style (a little bit of everything)

For the past few years, we have gone out for Chinese on Christmas Eve with the G. family, and the L.-R. family. I love starting this kind of "new tradition" with friends, and hope they last! I think none of us are particularly religious, so it is kind of nice to get together on our own. Pagan-style!

How can I explain? Hmmm, you know how when you were in college or at least younger or something and you most ALWAYS went to your folk's home for the holidays? Well, I guess I kind of feel that this is like establishing my/our own sense of adulthood. Does that make sense? Not in any mean-spirited way to my folks, or hung up on that idea of still being a young person, but in a more independent way; creating a tradition. Plus it's just a good time to spend with friends you like to spend Christmas Eve dinner with!

Unfortunately, L. was not feeling well, so I went solo, hoping to get her some soup to cure her as well as rendezvous with my kid while out. Everyone but L. was there, and we all had a great time. M.G. thinks I am insane for doing this Napstache thing and says he shuns everytime I post the link update in FB. Ha! Ha! So, he wound up taking the picture, for he wanted nothing to do with the participation, can't blame him, because it IS rather mad, I suppose!

Christmas Evestache!

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