Monday, December 13, 2010

The Thirty-Third...

Number Thirty-Three:

Zorba's Restaurant, Lunch, Meatloaf

More snow than expected in town caused us to be running late on the Bookmobile, thus we were about 30 minutes behind our lunch schedule as well. What a difference it makes! Zorba's was pretty crowded but we still managed a booth, the trade-off being the slow cute auburn-haired server instead of the efficient cute auburn-haired server. C. and I both wanted the meatloaf. Yes, that is right, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes...for lunch! And at a Greek-Italian joint to boot! Very unique flavor, a little spicy and the mushroom gravy...just what you need on a cold ass day with snow sloshing around town.

I guess now that I have made Boing Boing (thanks to Noah Scalin, yay!), I will have to explain myself. You know, the REASON. Well, here is the first post that might cover some of it.

Nutshell: I am a class clown, I like to keep my wife laughing, and this is one of the things that I sometimes do to make her either snicker, or, depending on the location, roll her eyes embarrassingly. Knowing Noah and his project, we often joked that I would start something like this. Then one day at lunch after doing some birdwatching, I had my point and shoot camera and just asked L. to take the picture. Did it, on Veteran's Day, that should be an easy enough anniversary day if I actually do it for a year. That's how it started; a random photo in a neighborhood eatery.

I guess a bigger question to address is WHY?!? Hmmm, no reason really except to see if I can do it. Is it futile? Most certainly a maybe. Not to wax bourgeois existential or anything but who knows what something becomes or will become. As my little project continues I like to think I am turning it into some flash-pan social commentary on eating establishments, maybe with some humor. What I have tried to do as of now, is write a little bit about the situation that either leads up to the photograph, or what is topical at that moment in time. Maybe at some point over the course of the year, that will change too.

Reflecting one month into it, I will say that starting a 365 day project is kind of like starting a diet or exercise program; you dread it (maybe to abandon it entirely) or are hung up on the first few weeks, but as you continue, it kind of becomes part of your routine. Now if only I WOULD exercise or diet with such dedication as I have with the Napstache...sheesh! I'm only a month in, so we'll see....

Yeah, in a way it is a vanity project because I have to be in the picture, or at least the 'stache does, but maybe it will branch out to submissions (I have gotten some already) at some point.

Anyway, I just thought I would explain this blog in more detail for anyone that has recently seen this and gone, "What. The. Hell?"

All that being said, I guess I will have to call this one:

Boing Boingstache!

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  1. Glad to give you a little extra push through Boing Boing! Believe me I got a lot of "Why Skulls" when I started, and I had no idea where the project would lead me either, just keep having fun!