Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Forty-Fifth...

Number Forty-Five:

Home, Christmas Dinner, Roast Beef

Lisa and I decided to go for making a roast beef for our first Christmas in the Fungalow, rather than my usual lasagna. I have never made a proper roast beef before and neither had she, so it was a fairly daunting task to get it right. Basically we combined a recipe from the internet and from a 1963 Edition of McCall's Cook Book. Despite the few times of taking it out early to see if it was done, doubting the crazy meat thermometer and just slicing into the damn thing, it turned out great! Tender and the gravy we made from it wasn't too bad either. That combined with the last bottle of the Beaujolais nouveau (yeah, we like it) and the beginning of what looks to be a significant snowfall made for a perfect first holiday dinner at home. Alas, with this photo, my glass is bare!

Empty Glasstache!

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