Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Forty-Ninth...

Number Forty-Nine:

Virginia Center Commons Regal Theaters, Popcorn, Movie

After trying to help G. at work get her Prius started (we never did and she had to get a tow), I got home and was spent, throat still blah (maybe a humidifier will help), but not nearly as sick. H. was chilling on the couch and I started to look at Fandango for whimsy.

"Hey H., you wanna go see True Grit?" I threw it out there, not expecting much from the teen.


What? Really? Getting her to the movies, let alone a western remake? Wow! OKAY!
It is a Coen Brothers film, so at least the dialog would be clever and the cinematography by Roger Deakins is always a joy; I knew it would be entertaining.

Both of us enjoyed it a lot. Some fine acting and just a great western. Not nearly as great as Unforgiven, but more approachable and not as complicated a tale. H. even said she liked it better than the last Harry Potter movie! Wow!

Got this Stache sitting in the Virginia Center Commons theater, which any RVA moviegoer knows these days, is the new crappy movie theater in town. Well, maybe in a tie with West Tower. Not a terrible theater, just the people working there would rather dance to themselves singing shitty 90s dance music than oh say, wipe a counter of sticky fluid or random popcorn sog. I'm pretty good in any theater until people start being assclowns on their cells or talking or whatever; we lucked out today though, everyone was well behaved. But it was still no Bowtie!

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