Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Forty-Eighth...

Number Forty-Eight:

Riverbound Cafe, Lunch, Turkey Reuben

Another Bookmobile lunch, this time with the full crew, most of them sick (including me still on some kind of virus from hell mend). Waitress confesses by the second sentence that it is her second day. Yes, she performed like it, but you have to cut her a little slack for being thrown to lunch crowd wolves.

Speaking of lunch time wolves, some dude maybe a little older than me brought attention to himself immediately with his loud cell phone ring: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I lean over to G. "That guy right there is known as The Douche with No Name in some parts." She replies, "The Good, The Bad and The Douchey?" *chuckles* This was the beginning of our wonderment of this probably perfectly nice fellow taking his wife and folks out to lunch during the holidays. He also was wearing matching Corvette gear; hat, shirt, jacket --he could have been in a pit crew. Wow. So we started to wonder if his Vette was out in the parking lot somewhere, or was it something he aspired to or received as a gift and was hoping to work up to the actual car, or just an enthusiast. Now when someone like that dresses in full gear as such, you better own a Vette or be a 6 year old. I mean sure, I have my own fashion problems but really, WHO is dressing like that?!?

Anyway, snapped this one quickly.

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