Sunday, December 4, 2011


Plus 2.

It was Noah's book release party for his Unstuck that not only is awesome but I am in, as a blurb. Also, my follow-up post is on the 365 site, with a few photo highlights from the project. Fun thing with doing this one is that nearly a year ago, Noah and I did a napstache together for his last book thing at Chop Suey! So awesome!

So Lisa and Hope and I swung by before going to see the Virginians Barbershop Choir. I know! You are like: really, a barbershop quartet? We had acquired free tickets and it was their secular holiday program, and Lisa and I are always up for a unique adventure in different art culture. Dragging the teenager along too, but I knew she would probably like it. Heck, I liked it! It was really rather incredible...a fun evening.

Anyway, thanks to Ceci, we are also having one of the quartets on during our Holiday radio spectacular on River City Limits, December 10th on WRIR 97.3 (5-7PM). We write a script and everything....a cavalcade of stars and performances! Look, I even photoshoped a crazy ass holiday picture of us for the promo.