Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Three Hundred and Sixty Fourth...

Number Three Hundred and Sixty Four:

El Nopal, Lunch, Carnitas

So Justin and I hit the best Mexican place in the east end, maybe one of the best in the city, El Nopal, and who do we see but Beth Brown and her boy! We sit with them and have some fun conversation while her son does some wacky things like a napstache (well, ISH) and taunts a french fry or two up the nostril. Good times! It was a pleasant surprise, especially for the next to last Napkin Moustache! I suppose I should start getting reflective over this, but I might just wait until after it is all said and done, to continue to post on the blog about it, then we'll see where it can go from there.

Other cool news:

Apparently, Dogfish Head did another limited run of their Miles Davis inspired Bitches Brew beer! I totally went to River City Cellars and bought two bottles! I never got to taste any last year, and only had one bottle in storage. Now I will be able to sample and save another. Sweet!


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