Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Three Hundred and Sixtieth...

Number Three Hundred and Sixty:
Tastebuds, Dinner, Braised Lame Shepherd's Pie

Have I mentioned how awesome living where I live is? The kid, now 18 and an adult, blows me off for dinner with me at Dots, and Lisa is off with her college group for a dinner meeting, leaving me solo for supper. A great place that I like to go alone is Tastebuds, so a brisk walk it is to the bar where I get to chat with Andrew a bit and enjoy some great Fall food in the Pie. I don't even really like lamb, but I think I appreciate it even more as I get older. Anyway it was great, and the chilly walk home, with a nice head full of beer (but not drunk), was just the thing for a crisp cool evening!

T-minus 5

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