Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Three Hundred and Sixty First...

Number Three Hundred and Sixty One:

Cafe Ole, Lunch, Veggie Burrito

We went to Maymont today, beautiful weather for it. We enter via the house approach and stayed mostly on that side. The koi were frenzied when some ding dong dad started feeding them Apple Jacks. Across the way on the concrete lily pads, a couple of dudes were playing "photographer" with some cute gal in a mini-skirt who had to get up off the concrete chill to let people and their kids pass by every once and a while.

Can you spot the Apple Jack among the koi?

That place is awesome, the Japanese maples were turning, the cypress were delightfully fragrant and Lisa and I knew just where to be to avoid any people hassles. Afterward it was off to Carytown for some lunch, booze and books!

T-minus 4.

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