Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Thirty-Fifth...

Number Thirty-Five:

Chops Suey Books, Noah Scalin book signing, 1 cheese cube

Noah's book 365: A Daily Creative Journal came out today, or come out next week or any second now. His first in town signing being Chop Suey, Fountain Bookstore is next week if you missed tonight.

The threat of snow in RVA is ridiculous, but I had to go to the Carytown Kroger anyway, knowing I was in for trouble. Something about Richmonders that draws us to grocery stores like a mecca. And the REALLY ridiculous thing is that we know this. We KNOW that it is stupid to mass to the grocery and stock up immediately at the end of the day, we KNOW it will be crazy insane nuts crowded, but we shrug and go "ha ha ha" and do it anyway. Myself included; enter excuse: but I really needed to get this item! The parking lot was insane, horns and aggravation and sitting still but I managed a streetcurb and zipped in and out scoring cold meds and Brunswick Stew. Noah's event started at 6, so I killed a few minutes talking beer with Dave at River City Cellars.

Local bookstores rule, I'm just saying. Ward Tefft rocks. Also, Noah rocks. He was there messaging someone on his phone and we rapped a bit about this and that. Various 365 projects and opinions, then his folks showed up! All friendly approachable people. Artists rock! On one of the tables in the back were his new books all nicely laid out, great binding, like a Taschen, but more approachable and interactive, a book designed for creativity. Anyway, he was more than happy to do a 'stache, so here it is:



  1. i wish i could think of something to make! i love the idea and put the book on my wish list.

  2. He's looking so Salvador Dali & you're making me think of someone, too...grrr, can't think of who it is!

  3. G - Maybe he looks like someone we work with? ...

  4. Yay, I'm glad you made it to the event and I could be a part of the Napkin Moustache movement!

  5. Way to go! I just got this book and I love it. I haven't figured out what to make either. Maybe I am just making it too complicated.....I tend to do that.

    Just think you are already one-tenth of the way there!!!!!!!!

  6. LisaBe, you can thinking of soemthing, no matter how "small" or quick. L. has even been doing one a week, making hearts of various, etc.
    Noah! Great to meet your folk too!
    Rebecca, 1/10th, wow! I've never though of it that way, I was thinking 2/20th... heh. But yeah! practically September already!

  7. haha. You all must have done that right before we showed up. You were leaving as I was arriving.

    BTW, your project is great. It's amusing and I like that you add other info about your day to each post.

  8. So nice to meet you and see you making a mustache, before my very eyes. So cool. Fun idea.

  9. Yes mim! You too! :-)

    Azurafae, sorry to have missed you! And thanks! :-) I hope I can keep it up and do fun stuff with it!
    (I like explamation points!!!)