Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Twenty-Seventh...

Number Twenty-Seven:

Deep Run Recreation Center, Lunch, Turkey Wrap

So for the last three years, our work has had the idea of a Staff Development Day to motivate or inform the employees, which usually means a boxed lunch consisting of some kinda sandwich choice, chips choice and way nasty brownie thing that'll burst your chest. For three years in a row now, I have sat at the back right table, kind of like how I sat in classrooms during my education years. The good thing about my seating choice is the ability to escape to walk around in an aimless pattern or wash your face in the restroom when restless or bored with the "inspirational" speaker. This year I also presented, the topic being the future of the library in the age of our newest collection threat: the ebook. I will be doing the same thing tomorrow, so the treat here on the blog will be that I will post my portion of the presentation I will have given over the past two days!


  1. You should have a group napstache photo, get the whole table to 'stache it up!!

  2. Crowd yesterday would have worked better, might save it for another day.