Friday, December 10, 2010

The Thirtieth...

Number Thirty:

Peking Restaurant, Lunch, Hunan Chicken

I KNOW. I totally didn't mean to eat at Peking AGAIN this week. Not that it was bad, I got something else, but today's lunch was supposed to be our Bookmobile Holiday Lunch. That meant a longer lunch break and going somewhere really cool in town. Alas, our part-time associate, J., who also works at Fairfield Library, could not get more than one hour and fifteen minutes away for lunch, so we had to do something closer to the office. In other words, pretty much pick one of the same 7 places we eat when near the office. Still, it was a nice, and C. paid! Awww! Happy Holidays!

Being that this is Number Thirty, I looked up "The number thirty" on Google, and this was second on the search results below Wikipedia:

The magic number 30.


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