Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Forty-Third...

Number Forty-Three:

Beer, Red Rooster, Party

The last holiday party till the New Years parties start kicking in. The plan tonight was originally the Threesome plan, which meant going to my friend J.'s birthday/holiday party, with two married women. C. and S., good friends to go as a crew, arriving early, leaving early. It's our Threesome! Ha ha! But this year falls on the night before my 6AM radio show, so I had to make it way earlier than they were willing to leave. So I am going solo. Still it was a great time with a lot of radio people, lot of fun, and a speakeasy style bar in the basement called the Red Rooster and tended awesomely by BrownCo.


And yes, I have been using these Cocktail napkins as my goto napkin, having a couple in the pocket each place I go!

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