Friday, December 3, 2010

The Twenty-Third...

Number Twenty-Three:

Bellytimber Tavern, Dinner, Pizza

After having a delightful pizza and wing special dinner at the old Texas-Wisconsin Border Cafe with pals M. & M., we visited another great place called Sprout for our friend A.'s art gallery opening. Cool art and people. There for a beer and some fine conversation, then off to Gallery 5 for the RVyAy event and to catch Gull rocking to his fanbase outside, then seeing pals J. & M. with MonkeyDogStudio, and T. and her last Cherry Bomb showing. Just a good solid night out full of friends, art and music! Love Richmond!

M.& M. = Michael & Melissa
A. = Anna
J. & M. = Janet & Mark
T. = Tracy

This Napstache BTW, is like 5 napkins, the waitressing was fast and clean at Belly Timber, constantly barraging us with napkins and water and "No, I will get your waitress to come take your beer order..(cuz I'm 18!)".

Superstache! Caught on film!

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  1. Sweet! I got name dropped! Good to see you guys at G5!