Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Thirty-Fourth...

Number Thirty-Four:

Kitchen 64, Lunch, Greek Nachos

So the Teen Services Committee were meeting for another work Holiday Lunch, at Kitchen 64. Now this place has some serious divisions among Richmonders; crowded, loud, crappy wait staff OR come hungry, delicious, great atmosphere! I went for the first time today, loaded with opinion from Yelp and Urban Spoon.

Crowd-wise it is probably not for me; pricey sunglasses perched on thinning pates like some scrawny bird of freedom past it's prime in the nest. Trendy people looking well dressed, but worn out.

Reaching our large table, I recognized immediately a woman long associated with restaurants in town... Katrina Giavos. Ahhh, so this is part of the whole Sidewalk Cafe, Stella's, Three Monkeys, Kuba Kuba set. Gotcha. She recognized me, from past parties I suppose and I felt more at ease at her working in the trenches and giving me a welcoming smile. The menu was extensive and I had read that the sweet potato fries were the stuff that full bellies were made of, but looking at the first page, I had my mind made up immediately. Greek Nachos, as made famous at Sidewalk Cafe, and YES, they are like they are there! One word, well, okay two: cheese, leftovers.

So would I go back? At the heart of it, it is just neighborhood bar wedged between interstates and intersections and the parking probably is always a pain. The food is not fancy, very neighborhood bar-food food. If I lived within walking distance probably, but I don't so, rarely.

This pic is friend A. and I both giving the stank eye, so...

Stank Eyestache!

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