Thursday, November 11, 2010

The beginning of a strange journey...

..thanks for nothing, Noah Scalin, if I actually DO 365 Napkin Moustaches over the course of a year. A napkin upon the face as mock facial hair should provide a year of complete silliness. Odd futility comes to mind. Inspired? Maybe, we'll see. Or it will go onto the heaping pile of unfinished ideas.

Number One:

Dots Back Inn, Lunch, Burger (Famous Amos)

I was looking directly at our waitress across the restaurant. She was behind the bar, scanning the crowd and I knew she would get to me. She did and smiled. Then came to our booth with the check and said I made her day with it. Ha!

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  1. Here's the (a) source. Maybe I will do leaf-a-day, after all?