Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Twentieth...

Number Twenty:

Padow's, Lunch,
Turkey Pastrami sandwich

Padow's in an old 7-11 near Mechanicsville to be exact. One that, for some odd reason, has lots and lots of promotional posters for Strawberry Hill Races from previous years; back to even 1992. Anyway, today was a bit crazy. I got to work early, as usual, then eventually looked at the clock at 8:11, only to realize that I had to be ACROSS TOWN for a class at 8:30. Zoinks! (And I totally had a Shaggy response to this in my head.) I made it ten minutes late. Class ended at 12ish where I came back to work, then went out to lunch with C. Parking at that Padow's is almost as insane and messy as my hair is in this picture. Let's dub this one "Mad Dashstache".

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