Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Seventeenth...

Number Seventeen:

Home, Lunch, Leftovers

Turkey sandwich and Pirate's Booty. You know, the turkey leftover from that meal a couple of days back? Many sandwich styles from many people, I know. Mine might be weird for the one ingredient, but really, who's leftover Thanksgiving sandwich isn't? I usually like whole wheat or multi-grain bread, sliced turkey (duh), cheddar cheese, lettuce, pepper, Dukes's mayonnaise and ketchup.

I like ketchup!

Going around to various adult retirement complexes for my job, I get to notice retirees' opinions of the dining halls and which have the good food and which have the bad. One of our ladies made a great remark saying, "I don't know what people expect here (at the retirement home) for great food, they're feeding a few hundred people at a time for every meal. You can't expect gourmet!" I thought that was pretty insightful and made the joke that if I wind up in one of these places, I was going to always bring a bottle of ketchup with me in case the meal wasn't great. I would improve it. I would be the crazy old man that brings his ketchup bottle in one pocket, and flask of bourbon in the other. At least, I think I am joking....

This Napstache kind of looks like a strip of bacon, doesn't it?

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  1. It looks so much like bacon I suddenly became very, very scared about what's going on over there while I am at work!