Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Eleventh...

Number Eleven:

Dots Back Inn, Brunch, Corned Beef Hash

I pretty much order this every time we get there on a Sunday at 10:30am or so. Good stuff. L. and I are funny, well okay, mostly ME, about arriving at Dots. I know we have to get there not at 11am but 10:30am, not at 6PM for dinner, but 5:45pm. Ahead of the crowd wave. Sometimes it is hit or miss, but we rocked a booth today.

There were a trio of gals in their 50s who initially sat at the bar (in the wrong spot where the food was placed to be picked up by the waitresses, they were asked nicely to shift down). Then one of them grabbed the wrong menu, so a waitress had to give them the right one. Then they moved to the booth behind us. When the waitress took their order, it was as if they'd never seen a menu before. Instead of asking for, say the "Richmond Plate" or "Corned beef hash", they ordered like: "Oh two eggs, bacon and a bloody mary." Waitress asked specifics; "How would you like your eggs? Would you like grits or apples or potatoes? Would you like toast or a biscuit?" After the waitress went to put the order in, one of the ladies remarked snidely: "That certainly was a LOT of questions just for breakfast!"


This Napstache is a curled up one by L.'s request. There were a group of hipsters at one of the tables across from us; three gals and a dude. The gals where nicely tattooed and pierced; one with their butt cracks CONSTANTLY showing. The dude sported a real 'stache nearly like this one. One of the gals stared over at me while I did this. I wonder if she thought I was making fun of their dudefriend? I hope she thought no, because explaining this would prove to be difficult without the wifi access to back it up I would guess.

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