Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Week

The Eighth:

McAlister's Deli, Turkey sandwich, Baked potato

Home of the mother of all ice tea containers. If you feel like amping up on tea and banked insurance of taking the longest whiz in your life, then buy this. And don't think you can eek away from this place with a small or medium sized drink. I tried and they said, "One size." Decent food and obviously in running with Panera. My boss, Carolyn, said I should have the tea cup in the picture, she was right. I mean look at that thing! Yes, they give you free refills....


  1. (The iced tea, I mean: not the skinny 'stache.)

  2. Eeee, jealous!! Of the McAllister's, not the 'stache. That's a fine looking 'stache, though.