Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Thirteenth..

Number Thirteen:

Avalon, Dinner, Beef Teres Major with a mash of date & sweet potato

We were in the area again, getting cheese at River City Cellars (best in town!). Avalon was our walkable restaurant when we lived on Mulberry. One of the best go-to restaurants in the city for us. Great seasonal menu, nice beer and wine selection, and good wait staff. (We love Steven! Alas, he wasn't there this time.) Unfortunately for me, I feel it is losing it's touch. "It ain't what it used to be." is the old man in me talking. Despite my wanting to be curmudgeonly enough to say that, the beef balanced wonderfully with the date & sweet potato mash.

The waitress completely played it cool when L. was capturing this photo with the neon in the background. Like, "I don't EVEN want to know what your goofy ass is doing." --but in a nice way.

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  1. The neon, which changes several times a year, is one of the cool features of Avalon's look.