Saturday, April 30, 2011

The One Hundred and Seventy First...

Number One Hundred and Seventy One:
WRIR 97.3 studios, Lunch, Cafe Ole, Burrito

Coming into the WRIR 97.3 studios to do my mic managing shift for the Spring Fund Drive a few minutes early not only meant getting my stuff together and prepping, but also enjoying one of the many fine meals offered at the station over the course of the Drive. This time it was Cafe Ole, burritos and chips available. Yum.

Now is the time. If you have ever given a shit about the First Amendment and the very idea of independent radio, the kind of radio you USED to enjoy (if you are old enough) or STILL enjoy (because you are young enough), NOW is the time to donate to one of the most creative, energetic, knowledgeable and AWESOME group of volunteers to ever invest their time in something great. Richmond Independent Radio can be heard across the world via the internet stream too.

Richmond has been a great musical town for as long as I can remember, and this radio station reflects this. Not only do we have people from the older scene, but new people as well. And it is not just about music, news and talk kicks much ass as well. So, keep this thing rolling and DONATE!

I managed this 'stache during my shift on the microphone during the 80s show hosted by Bil L. and P-Swann. Solid!


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