Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The One Hundred and Sixty Seventh,,,

Number One Hundred and Sixty Seven:

Home, Dinner, Greek chicken wrap

After putting together an IKEA nightstand, which we always do a two step forward, one back about once, it was time to grill up some chicken for dinner.

The recipe, well sort of:

- Marinade chicken in a bit of olive oil, oregano, cracked pepper, sea salt, and feta.
- add onion, green pepper, mushroom.

Grill it! Well, the chicken first, then throw in the vegetables.

Lisa, who made the hard dish, made some tzatzki, which is awesome.

1 cuke grated, dried a little with a towel
A little more than a cup of greek yogurt
small clove of garlic, stir and let set for a few minutes. Hey, maybe while you're grilling!

Then heat up some flatbread of some kind, like they make gyros with, or whatever the ones they sell at IKEA, and you are ready to make your wrap. Mmmm! It's the tzatzki that makes it so good on a warm day.


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