Sunday, April 10, 2011

The One Hundred and Fifty First...

One Hundred and Fifty One:

Asados Los Catrachos, Lunch, Enchiladas

Mark R. knows a lot about good places to it, especially Honduran, Central American, etc. He lived out of country and also goes to the Dominican Republic every so often to do great work as a Family Doctor for places that need it. So today he and Janet took us here for some great authentic Honduran food, then to a great ice cream place called La Michoacana in the same area with some awesome ice cream called the Tiger's Tail, which was chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and pecans. They had a ton of flavors and the owner was more than happy to let you try all of them if you wanted!
Great ice cream here!

Then it was off to the Byrd for some James River Film Festival where we saw Gary Lucas soundtracking the Spanish language version of Dracula; said to be better than the Lugosi version. Here is some peak footage I took, the moment when we first see the Vampire, and the first moment when Lucas really brought some great intensity to his performance.


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