Friday, April 22, 2011

The One Hundred and Sixty Third...

Number One Hundred and Sixty Three:

Eileen's Bakery & Cafe, Lunch, Monte Cristo

After a college visit to Mary Washington, it was off to old town Fredericksburg for some lunch in a former church that Lisa remembered eating at when she was here on some museum business. Good sandwiches, friendly service, the people here for lunch though were a little slow. The well to do lady in front of me, manic with her college aged daughters, all wearing lots of make-up and fishnets, were with the lone cashier half rung up with lunch when she decided to let her girls go look at the dessert case for 5 minutes instead of pay for what she had, then come back. Unapologetic and never said a word to the line building behind her. Ass. Anyway, the place had some cool decor, note the anchor in the stained glass window.

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