Friday, April 15, 2011

The One Hundred Fifty Sixth...

Number One Hundred and Fifty Six:

Mekong Restaurant, Dinner, Spicy Crispy Chicken

After a nice visit with Beth Brown, author and my co-conspirator with Richmond Macabre, at a local author showcase (with: Rich Babbit, Roger Bruner, David H.C. Carter, Edward Wright Haile, Walter Griggs, Shara Lanel, J.S. Lee, Lee Rice, Bill Roberson, Douglass Walter and Richard Wenzel) it was off to Mekong for an early dinner. After all, I had been up since FOUR this morning; insomnia kind of sucks!

One of my favorite, most unassuming, easy to get along with waitstaff in Richmond is Thui (or Tooey) from Mekong. I know I am probably spelling it wrong but okay fine. She is familiar with us, daughter of the equally awesome Lian, who is brother to most the awesome An --a great great example of fine family restaurant. Thui without question took a photo with me doing the napstache. After some tasty beer, yes, the BEST beer taps in Richmond, hands down, we headed for the bar to chat with An for a bit. He has grown into his celebrity status wonderfully. A man that knows his customers, his staff, and his establishment, and runs the joint well. A good man. Cheers!

I'm gonna give this one a...


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