Thursday, April 14, 2011

The One Hundred and Fifty Fifth...

Number One Hundred and Fifty Five:

The Crazy Greek, Lunch, Spinach Feta Pizza

Carolyn and I split a small pizza and some salad, good stuff. We also overheard they are opening another location across from Chesterfield Mall. Good for them. Corned beef and cabbage day = geezers galore. A beautiful thing! It was a waitress warp; one of them saw me do this photo and laughed and said it was hilarious. As we were leaving, I also saw our Dot's waitress from the first napstache post having lunch there!

I meant to get a photo from an event that Hope and I went to this evening. Tonight was the Virginia Historical Society's Member Appreciation reception, which meant a lot of geezers in khakis and hair product horking down free buffet food and wine and acting like they are smartest historians ever. We naturally joined them. Hope quote from the evening, "Virginia Historical Society achievement: youngest person in the building!" Always a fun and interesting time at these events, plus we got a look at the new interactive exhibit, "An American Turning Point: the Civil War in Virginia" which was pretty cool. My only complaint amid a lot of the unsung heroes and common folk, dabbled with some well known figures, was that there was no Elizabeth Van Lew! I was really disappointed by that. My friend Cathy who works there explained that she thinks they were trying not to focus too much on the more popular figures, but I still disagree. Van Lew needed something more than an anonymous picture among the other "traitors" area, she needed a blurb. Anyway, a great time, they even gave away free old timey style measuring cups, I grabbed 5! They were begging us to take them!

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