Friday, April 1, 2011

The One Hundred and Forty Second...

Number One Hundred and Forty Two:

River's Bend Grill, Lunch, Chicken wrap & She crab soup

So the agenda for the Bk staff today was to get to a Chesterfield Public Library to sign up for cards in order to get access to Overdrive, basically an ebook (etc.) distributor with App capability; something our library is supposed to be getting as well. I Yelp search a restaurant for lunch and this place came up with some good reviews, heavy on the good lunch and great waitstaff vibe.

We go. It was.

It is in a new century type strip mall and as we pull up a ton of people are leaving, which is a good sign. We wait a few moments for someone to seat us, then this older gal with cool crazy hair poofed up in the back, our hostess, comes a chatting and seating us. I tell her I like her hair, she goes, "Really?!? Cuz (the other older waitress) thinks I look like some sort rooster, I get that from her. Hey (the other older waitress), he says he likes my hair!" "Shoot, you are crazy" Hilarious banter between the two happen and we all wind up getting in on it. The other older waitress, our waitress, is equally funny and joshing with us with the best of them. There was a lot of talk about the "crab balls" on the menu and how difficult it must have been to pry their little legs apart. Also some jokes were made about the mixed drink called the "stinky pinky". Super fun place with some great food. This would be a regular for us if it were only closer! Anyway, this is the hostess with the crazy cool hair. I asked her to turn her head a little, I think you can make some of the style going on there.


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