Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The One Hundred and Sixtieth...

Number One Hundred and Sixty:

The Mill on MacArthur, Dinner, Po' Boy

Lisa and I took a bike ride to this place, which we could smell last night while doing yoga next door at the studio; the delicious aroma of garlic and herbs. The place has some good food and specials, even Bev's Ice Cream for dessert if you choose. There is limited seating, by the time we left around 6:30 or so, they were scrambling table space. It was starting to fill up, people are liking this place. They kept showing up. Maybe Dots run off, but I don't know, they might actually be establishing themselves among their tattooed hipster friends that hold up the waitstaff from getting to me, and the Northside family crowd, and people that like decent food. A good combo.

I think the key to their flavor, at least as I have experienced so far, has been that they do sauces well. Lisa had the chicken sandwich again, which has a great sauce, and the po' boy I had, while good, it was the sauce that really made it. We'll have to try their pizza some time and I hear their tofu sausage is awesome. I think this restaurant has a real potential to fit right into the Northside, right in there with Dots and Northside Grille and Tastebuds. Millstache!

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