Sunday, May 1, 2011

The One Hundred and Seventy Second...

Number One Hundred and Seventy Two:

Home, Lunch, Pizza, Coconut Cake

Mulch Party was today! Basically we had a HUGE, seriously, HUGE truckload of mulch thanks to Laura & John. So we threw a party, offering Arianna's pizza, beer, candy gifts and this Coconut Cake from Michaela's Quality Bake Shop, a great spot we got turned on to by our friend Judd.

So, yeah right, like people would want to mulch all frickin day. Plus, people have their own stuff to do so I didn't really sweat it over people not being able to come. I knew Lisa and I were going to have to do it no matter what for the Northside Garden tour, so I was planning on busting my butt. I was surprised and thankful that we had some friends actually show up, so that was a really good feeling. Pals Melissa, Deanna, Kate, and Paul all came and contributed. Mulch Mountain was reduced to Mulch Mound by the time we called it quits. Thanks to Mulchunkers (Mulch Spelunkers) for sure!


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