Monday, May 16, 2011

The One Hundred and Eighty Seventh...

Number One Hundred and Eighty Seven:

Jason's Deli, Lunch, Soup and Salad

After gnawing on some salad, Carolyn and I had a few minutes to go to the Local Book Store Slaying bastard that is Barnes & Noble. We go there sometimes to get a gauge on what the masses want in terms of bestsellers and also to see what is out there. It's good for the Bookmobile, and keeps the library relevant to what is hot.

Speaking of the Bookmobile, we have a funny, pain in the ass automatic door called a Bode Door. If you ever have the opportunity in your life to get a Bode Door for a Bookmobile or other such vehicle, DON'T. This thing has been a monster for the 9 years I have worked there. The buttons hardly work and when they do, there is often so much air and demonic possession in the door that it will literally eat you or an innocent person coming aboard. We have a ton of tricks to get around the madness, but it always figures us out, then changes the game. Today it didn't want to let us in AT ALL after coming back from the bookstore. It's a good thing we have a side entry hatch, located about 4 feet off the ground toward the rear of the vehicle. Initially it was to be used as a convenient way to load bags of books when parked in the garage. Unfortunately this hatch sits right in front of the dock railing in the garage and is unaccessible. An utterly useless hatch. Unless, of course, you have a possessed Bode Door, then you get to take turns every few years seeing who gets to lunge into the vehicle like a drunken caterpillar.

It was Carolyn's turn.

I did offer, but I think she secretly wanted to do it this time.

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