Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Hundred and First...

Number Two Hundred and One:

Last week on the Bookmobile, I saw Gina looking around the Virginia State Parks website, wanting to do some kayaking or something on Memorial Day. Lisa and I are always up for an adventure, so I suggested we all go. Group trip!

Lisa and I have kayaked on Taskinas Creek a few times before, so we knew where to go, all the way up till you could go no further. This is where the napstache was taken. A great little spot, not nearly enough shade, but still wonderful. A ton of great birds, particularly some Great Blue Herons that we kept interrupting on the way back and getting wonderfully close to, Osprey and their nest, and the Bald Eagle. After getting back to the mouth of the creek, we kept going out to the York River where it was surprisingly calm and allowed us to spend a lot of time out in the breezy area too. After 3 hours or so on the water, it was time to head back and have lunch in Williamsburg at Berret's Seafood Restaurant, then meander around Colonial Williamsburg for a bit before heading home. Great day!


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