Friday, May 27, 2011

The One Hundred and Ninety Eighth...

Number One Hundred and Ninety Eight:
Grandpa Eddie's, Dinner, Ribs

The Rainbow Minute celebrated its 1000th episode on the air with WRIR. There was a great ice cream social at Sprout to celebrate with nice some folks and swell displays and freebies!

(1000th Rainbow Minute Social at Sprout)

After we chilled out there a while, also inventing the Shoot Fire Yeah! drink (Laurie came up with the idea of drinks for bands they liked), we headed out to the loathing Short Pump to watch our friends' band Country Sunshine play some tunes. Lisa had a clever line for the nearly drunk white couple acting like they could dance across the restaurant to wherever the hell they went: "Hey lady: you can't two-step in flip flops."

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