Monday, May 9, 2011

The One Hundred and Eightieth...

Number One Hundred and Eighty:
Panera, Lunch, Greek Salad

Carolyn and I went here for some salad today. Firstly, there are always business assholes at Panera. You know the type; collared shirts, sometimes ties, rarely a jacket and hogging every bit of booth property they can get their laptops on. Some were behind me in line, talking all 1st quarter shares, marketing strategy, percentage quotient bullshit talk. And no, they didn't sound cool to me at all. They sounded like they would love take a business call while on a vacation because they can't stand their families, or something. It sounds like guys like this really get off on it. That is sad and what is really wrong with a lot of the world today. Business over caring. Decisions based on business, not what is right or thinking of others. Anyway, digress time!

Behind me while we ate, sitting in a booth, were two women in their late forties or early fifties. Over the length of our lunch, it sounded like a job interview, or something. Far more interesting than the business assholes. One of the ladies was talking about cooking, and preparing meals. Was it a cafeteria? An old folks home? Then the other lady pulled out some paperwork with a bible in the stack. Ah, a church thing. Okay, that's interesting. After they were done with their business talk, they then had a long ass prayer with each other. I was confused at first, asking Carolyn, who had the better view, if they had eaten yet. Nope, they had already eaten, empty plates were on the table. So, this was a post meeting prayer? Kind of weird. Funny. But I guess if it's all church related anyway, that's what they do.

Meanwhile, behind Carolyn, sitting at a table were an older mother and father with their college age son. Everything was pretty quiet and uneventful there. The parents sat almost uncomfortably next to each other while the son played on his iPhone or whatever; totally self-absorbed. After they were finished, they all stood up; the mother went to throw away the trash, the son just kind of lingered there, and the father walked away and out of the building. When mom came back, asking where dad had gone, the son replied disdainfully, "I dunno where he went, he is a selfish son of a bitch." Whoa! At the Panera! Straight up talking smack on daddy! As if this kid had room to talk, he was totally plugged in his little text bubble world the whole time they ate! Nuts!

Some interesting people at the Mechs'ville Panera today!

This napstache has none of the people mentioned, to protected their craziness!

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