Thursday, May 26, 2011

The One Hundred and Ninety Seventh...

The One Hundred and Ninety Seventh:

Moe's, Lunch, Burrito

What's more annoying at Moe's? The annoying way random people say "Welcome to Moe's!" even when clearly no one has entered to say that to. Or, some weird ass marketing campaign contest they recently had across the country where people enter as their favorite musical celebrity (note the Waylon Jennings or Stevie Ray V. on the left and Elvis near my head) for free chips and salsa for a year --oh, plus your celebrity imitating mug across Moe's chains around the world as seen here. The dumbest thing about this contest, is that below each photo was the winner's name, then in clear and legally ass covering wording that said something to the effect of the visual representation depicted of said photo does in no way represent the celebrity they are trying to imitate. So, if you are having trouble trying to figure out who the hell the guy on the wall on the left really is, they will NOT tell you on said photo. Great idea for a gimmick; have a celebrity look-alike contest, but in NO WAY be able to state the depicted celebrity be mentioned by name for fear of legal action.

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