Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The One Hundred and Eighty Ninth...

Number One Hundred and Eighty Nine:

Sprout, Dinner, Pizza

Laurie and Jamie had a grand idea before Shoot Fire Yeah! practice tonight, let's go get some free coffee. Rostov's Coffee & Tea were celebrating something and giving away free espresso, cake and chip clips with their logo on it. The Happy Lucky Combo were playing in the corner, always awesome to see Barry Bless and company entertaining.

Lisa and I dig some Rostov's and it was a nice walk up from the Sprout parking lot to get some orange flavored coffee beans; something we used to get more often when we lived in the Fan. Jamie managed to get a few minutes away from his work to walk up with us. Then Laurie and I came back to Sprout to wait for Jamie to get off work, why not a beer or two and some dinner? Okay! Laurie made a duck with her napkin which reminded me to do my daily and viola!


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