Sunday, May 22, 2011

The One Hundred and Ninety Third...

Number One Hundred and Ninety Three:
Home, Dinner, Pizza

Last year, our friend Judd Proctor came to a cookout we had, our first entertaining in the new house. He is on the Bellevue Garden Walk committee and said we should be on it next year. We took him up on it. A lot of what we have in the back yard was thanks to the previous homeowner who took great care and love into making it an awesome oasis. We have maintained stewardship, with our own touches, and shared this great yard for others to view today. At least a hundred and sixty or so people came by our place on the walk and it seemed like everyone was amazed in one way or another about it. We had a great time repeating our stories about the places and things in the yard, then we enjoyed a well earned pizza from Arianna's and some wine on patio afterward!

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