Friday, February 18, 2011

The One-Hundredth...

Number One-Hundred:

Riverbound Cafe, Lunch, Club wrap


I know! Hard to believe that a foolish thing like a Napkin on the face would last this long! Well, I guess this one didn't turn out as special as I would have hoped, but planning one for tomorrow, stay tuned.

But what was really unique about today? Well, for starters, I woke up at 3:33am this morning and could NOT go back to sleep. Then coming into the radio station at 5:50am, there was a large puddle of vomit at the WRIR Station door. Something I had to carefully traverse with a case full of cds, a cup of coffee, and my keycard to get in. Then I had the pleasure of cleaning it off by throwing coffeepots of water on it to get it to go out on the sidewalk. It looked like the person didn't agree with whatever chicken dish they may have had at The Camel and thought that the best place to part ways was an independent radio station entryway. Lame ass and I hope it hurt their stomach BAD! Coincidentally for me, because just the night before I was at the WRIR Board meeting making a case for my altruistic nature and request to get on the Board! I think that went well, and well, the vomit cleaning may have been my first official act as a Board member! Ha! (Actually, I don't think they have voted me in quite yet.) Plus, if you are the last person to see it, and the NEXT person notices it, then they know you didn't have the courage, or maybe just stomach to take care of it. Well, I was kind of in that spot, plus a new volunteer was supposed to come in for DJ Training. While it would have been great to make that a new volunteers FIRST assignment, you have to also impress the new recruits or they may never come back again! The irony here is that the potential volunteer never showed up, he'd overslept!

Anyway, work slid by like ice cream on a carhood in summer and before I knew it, lunch at Riverbound, it was Gina and I again. Gina had asked just the day before if any waitstaff said anything about me doing these pictures. And as it so happened, today the oddly awkward scrawny dude totally caught me doing this one and said, "That's a great picture." Maybe he was eerily psychic to pick up that it was a landmark Napstache! Who cares, the kid art in the background of this one makes it a SUPER SPECIAL LANDMARK NAPSTACHE!

One hundred!