Saturday, February 26, 2011

The One Hundred and Eighth...

Number One Hundred and Eight:

Avalon Restaurant, Dinner, Grilled Beef Teres Major

Lisa's best friend since childhood, Mitch, was in town for a visit. They went to Williamsburg for part of the day and were originally planning on dinner there. It turned out that dinner at 4:30 probably was a bit too early and they decided to come back to Richmond, plus Mitch really wanted to participate in the Napstache! We were planning on Comfort, but it was absurdly crowded at the sidewalk, then Tarrant's thwarted us with an hour and fifteen minute wait. It was a good thing after all because we wound up at one of our favorite locations with one of our favorite waiters in town. Avalon provided the immediate table and Stephen wound up being our awesome friendly waiter. He rules! We were all smitten with the Beef dish followed by the flourless chocolate cake and a wonderful time.


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