Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ninety-Fourth...

Number Ninety-Four:

Athens Tavern, Dinner, Athens Chicken

Lisa and I had dinner at Athens after Ceci and I's version of Regis and Kelly on WRIR doing the local show River City Limits. We had a guest band on, a ska punk outfit called Murphy's Kids. They did a swell acoustic set and are just a great hardworking band that has been around RVA for years and head up the annual Skalidays.

Athens was full of interesting people this evening; the fifty-something loud guy with the Hail Caesar haircut that ALWAYS asked the waitress for doofy stuff extra when she brought something to him; the twenty-something loud guy who sat right behind me and moved the shared booth seat-back every time he articulated his conversation about ice fishing with his body; and the hep old dude that told the waitresses to "Peace out." on the way out the door. You can see Cecilia's disdain about being involved in the napstache, but we love her anyway! HA!

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