Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The One Hundred and Fifth...

Number One Hundred and Five:

Riverbound Cafe, Lunch, Cuban Pork Sandwich

After a pretty quick and painless training session on paperback cataloging at work, Emily and I had the chance to head up to Riverbound for lunch. First though, I had to get a couple of flyers made of this FUNK BRUNCH that I am doing at Sprout in March. Luckily, a UPS Store was next door to the restaurant so we went in. Unluckily, most of the people working there were a little dim. Nice enough, but the bulbs weren't too well lit. Of course, you can't really expect a lot from a shipping store that wants to have a little of everything for your ship/packaging/copy needs so...

The first employee seemed like a teen that had just finished high school and was trying to make her way; spoke not a bit and did nothing but observe. A trainee perhaps. The second, a slightly older young man who was most helpful, but didn't quite have the experience to finish the job and had to get the manager, an older woman in her 50s probably on her way out to lunch, to help open the file and print. His customer service was good though and gave me free copies of their accidental misprinting of my stuff. The manager herself needed to take a couple of whacks at it as well so, like I said, their expertise was probably in shipping.

After that episode, and I won't even go into the odd old redneck dude that ordered an ENORMOUS bag of pink packing peanuts, we got to witness some competence in our waitress. She was quick, friendly and on the ball. Most of the wait staff at Riverbound are doofuses, she however, had her head on straight. At least I like to think so. Older twenties, probably a grad student, could interact socially without appearing creepy or odd. She would do quite well in a fan eatery! Anyway, the sandwich I had was some chalkboard special, some kind of white boy attempt at a Pork Cuban sandwich; which meant pork tenderloin, apparently DILL pickles, swiss cheese and a slice of ham. Lacked flavor, so ketchup had to help.

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