Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Eighty-Fourth...

Number Eighty-Four:

Casa Grande, Lunch, Chicken Fajitas

Gina REALLY wanted Mexican for lunch so we went. The conversation among big butt ladies behind us was totally slagging on one of their office workers. It was a bit hilarious and kind of scary -- ever wonder what people say about YOU when you are not having lunch with them!?! Anyway, they really had a problem with this gal, who was supposed to work from 7 - 4 but never came in on time, and you could tell when she was in a good mood because she wore low cut shirts for her boobs to show, and when she was in a bad mood the neckline went up, and if she was in a turtle neck --LOOKOUT! Anyway, they seemed like typical mid-older-something hens perched in a coop until lunchtime, when they could get out in the yard to eat corn and cluck around.

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