Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Ninety-Fifth...

Number Ninety-Five:

Lakeside, Lunch, Pizza & Cake

Birthday celebration at Lisa's brother Brian and sis-in-law Ellen's house in Northside. Lisa's folks there as well. We biked there and a great day for it! Hope joined us a little later after she got off work too. The birthdays were Nora (Lisa's Mom), Brian (her brother) and Zellie (her niece). Pizza delivered from the new place on Lakeside by the Mary Angela's family. Good place and great location, we needed one on this side of town. Anyway, B & E have four kids, three boys and the youngest a girl, and Lisa's Dad, Brian and I had a good old time goofing with the boys in the yard a bit. This picture was taking at the table after a few slices. They have a great map of the world, a great way to eat and learn, so what better a location to take a napstache?


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