Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Ninety-Ninth...

Number Ninety-Nine:

Chicken Fiesta, Lunch, Chicken Nachos

On the road again, yes, me and G! Chicken Nachos, maybe the best in town. Good place, but maybe starting to turn for the "Oh. Nah." We arrived fairly early for lunch and I went to wash my hands. Mens bathroom was locked. I went and ordered then came back; still locked. It was locked for a while. We all know what that kind of means... Anyway, my food came and we started eating and then the dude in the bathroom finally came out, he worked there. He went back through the "Employees Only" door and came out to the food prep and register area, giving co-workers the fist bump high five. Like to say, "I just dropped a deuce...high five!" I know this subject is a little, "Oh. Nah." but you know it goes through your mind when you're eating out and you witness a situation like that. You hope the conspicuous sign was adhered to in the restroom about EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS. Crossing fingers that you don't get "that guy" to make your meal, relieved that you already had your food by the time he came out.
I know I know, the guy who actually made my food could have been picking his nose WITH the plastic gloves, but I just didn't see that. Selective grossing out, I suppose.

I digress. This is number 99! I thought I wouldn't be giddy about the upcoming triple didjit, but I kind of am! YAY! This Napstache is from the same table I did the previous Fiesta 'stache!

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