Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ninety-Seventh...

Number Ninety-Seven:

Office, Lunch, Chick-fil-A sandwich

I couldn't roll with the Bookmobile crew out to eat today, which was fine by me because they went to Olive Garden. I was waiting for my co-conspirator Beth Brown to come by the office to drop off some flyers for a book we are putting together. Richmond Macabre: Nightmares from the River City Horror Anthology. This is an idea I think we both had separately, then kind of got connected and talked about it, and are now kicking Anthology ass! I am very excited about this. We hope to not only get some seasoned, known authors, but also some new talent on the scene. Either way, it is going to be something that I feel will be a literary landmark for Richmond. It is kind of the next step after the Richmond Noir book that was released last year. Years from now, if someone wants scary local fiction to read, I hope they will turn to this book and be thrilled and chilled. So we are getting the word out and calling for submissions and flyers are another way to throw the net out, so to speak. Anyway, after Beth swung by and we chatted a bit, I went up to the fried chicken on a bun with pickles shack and picked up my usual; a sandwich on wheat bun with side salad instead of fries. Good stuff. And so is this flyer!


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  1. oh, so you are one of the geniuses behind that grand horror writing contest. I just realized I should suggest it to my mom. She loves writing stories.